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Industrial Hygiene and Healthy Workplace Environment

Category | Workplace Safety    Posted by SafetyON | March 31, 2016

SafetyON strongly believes that employees must enjoy a safe and healthy work environment. As a result, we provide services that help organizations identify areas in the work environment that might be potentially dangerous or harmful to its employees.

Industrial Hygiene and Healthy Workplace Environment
We provide risk assessment services for the following areas:

1. Indoor air quality

We can offer you an assessment of indoor air quality that will make sure your organization practices effective environmental management. Our solutions are designed to impact every area of the life cycle from building design to environment-friendly demolition.

2. Ergonomics

We can conduct a risk assessment for possible ergonomic-related dangers in your workplace. If ergonomic risks are identified, we will provide you with a set of recommendation that will eliminate the various ergonomic risk factors.

3. Mold testing and remediation

We offer a range of mold assessment and remedial services to help your business/organization identify and eliminate possible mold and other microbial contamination in the workplace.

4. Infection control

We will conduct risk assessment for infections through on-site inspections at your work place. We will provide you with reports containing detailed data about our findings and also provide you with solutions, suggestions, and guidance for the remediation of the infection.

Industrial Hygiene and Healthy Workplace Environment


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