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Workplace Health and Safety & Legal Responsibility

Category | Workplace Safety    Posted by SafetyON | July 14, 2016

A safe working environment means that your employees are more productive. Focusing on a 'healthy' workplace by following health and safety regulations also means your employees are less likely to call in sick, because healthier people are happy people, and happy people are generally more productive, it leads to smiles all around.

Workplace Health and Safety & Legal Responsibility

You also have a legal responsibility to ensure that all health and safety laws are observed so that no problems befall your employees, customers or the general public. Environmental consultants who are well-versed with these laws can help you in this regard. Not investing in safety measures and/or equipment can lead to stiff fines, and even the work site being closed by the authorities.

You also need to establish safe practices, for which you may have to seek the services of a safety consultant who specializes in Occupational Safety and Health. The cost of all these might put you off, but there is a reason why the law exists in the first place, it is to protect everyone, including yourself. If your employees, customers or the public get injured or contract infections, it might result in you having to foot heavy medical bills out of your own pocket. If it is a serious injury or illness, you could even be sued. The cost of implementing health and safety measures is a pittance compared to what you potentially stand to lose.


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