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Toronto Metal Fabrication Company Fined $50,000 After Worker Injured By Machine

Posted by SafetyON | October 08, 2017

Convicted: Drummond Metal Fabrication Ltd., formerly known as Repath Industries Ltd., 39 Drummond St., Toronto, Ontario


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Toronto Crane Company Fined $95,000 After Worker Fatality

Posted by SafetyON | October 08, 2017

Convicted: Toronto Crane Service Inc., 360A Deerhide Crescent, Toronto, Ontario

Location of workplace: 3761…

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Windsor Roofing Company Fined in Young Worker Fatality

Posted by SafetyON | October 08, 2017

Convicted: Dayus Roofing Inc., 5120 Halford Road, Windsor, Ontario

Location of workplace: Menard Street, Windsor

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Toronto Company Fined $60,000 for Ignoring Orders to Address Safety Violations

Posted by SafetyON | October 07, 2017

Convicted: Rex Pak Limited, 85 Thornmount Drive, Toronto, Ontario

Type of Business and Location: Industrial…

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Ontario Expanding Worker Protections for Victims of Domestic or Sexual Violence

Posted by SafetyON | October 06, 2017

Ontario is creating safer workplaces by proposing a job-protected leave of absence when a worker or their child has experienced or is threatened with…

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Toronto Plastics Company, Supervisor, Fined After Worker Suffers Permanent Injury

Posted by SafetyON | October 01, 2017

TORONTO, ON - An employer and a supervisor pleaded guilty and were fined a total of $53,000 after a temporary worker was permanently injured on a forklift.

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Ontario Helping People Understand Workplace Rights and Responsibilities

Posted by SafetyON | September 19, 2017

New Program Now Open to Protect Employees and Support Employers

September 18, 2017 12:00 P.M.


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Fiera Foods Company Fined $300,000 After Worker Killed

Posted by SafetyON | September 15, 2017

TORONTO, ONTARIO - Fiera Foods Company, A Toronto commercial bakery, was fined $300,000 after an incident where a worker was killed.

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Royal Ottawa Health Care Group Fined $75,000 After Stabbing of Staff by Patient

Posted by SafetyON | August 16, 2017

BROCKVILLE, ON - The Royal Ottawa Health Care Group was fined $75,000 after a nurse was stabbed by a patient at the Brockville Mental Health Centre.

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ClubLink Fined $50,000 After Worker Injured

Posted by SafetyON | August 08, 2017

MILTON, ONTARIO - ClubLink Corporation ULC, a corporation that owns and operates golf courses, pleaded guilty and was fined $50,000 after a young worker…

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Bruce Power Fined $110,000 After Worker Injury at Lake Huron Plant

by Ministry of Labour on 7th , December 2017

Company Fined $60,000 After Worker Falls From Peterborough Building

by Ministry of Labour on 30th , November 2017

Roofing Company Fined Again, Director Receives Jail Sentence

by Ministry of Labour on 24th , November 2017

KFC Employer Fined for Failure to Pay Workers As Ordered

by Ministry of Labour on 13th , November 2017