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Barrie Fabric Manufacturer Fined $40,000 After Wor

Author | Safety Reporter
Posted by SafetyON | October 05, 2016

BARRIE, ONTARIO - Albarrie Canada Ltd., a company that manufactures industrial-use fabrics, pleaded guilty and was fined $40,000 after a worker was caught in a carding machine and suffered injuries.

Barrie Fabric Manufacturer Fined $40,000 After Worker Caught in Machine

On June 24, 2014, a worker who had been with the company for less than three months was assigned to work on a carding machine at the company's facility at 85 Morrow Road in Barrie. The worker noticed that fibre was accumulating on the materials being processed on the machine - a problem usually a result of a vacuum head being clogged with fibre. To clear the vacuum head, the worker reached in under the table at the face of the carding machine. The worker was pulled into the machine, suffering injury and requiring municipal fire services personnel to extract the worker, as well as surgery for the injury.

The Ministry of Labour investigation found that there was no guard or other device that prevented access to the carding machine's pinch point. This was against the requirements of Ontario Regulation 851 - the Industrial Establishments Regulation - that require a guard or other device to prevent access to a pinch point and nip hazards that may endanger the safety of any worker.

Albarrie Canada Ltd. pleaded guilty on August 23 was fined $40,000 in Barrie court by Justice of the Peace Ann C. Forfar on October 4, 2016.
New workers of any age who are on the job for less than six months, or who are assigned to a new job, are significantly more likely to be injured on the job than more experienced workers.

Court Information at a Glance

Provincial Offences Court/Ontario Court of Justice
45 Cedar Pointe Drive
Barrie, Ontario

Justice of the Peace Ann C. Forfar

Date of Sentencing:
October 4, 2016

Albarrie Canada Limited
85 Morrow Street
Barrie, Ontario

Occupational health and safety

Ontario Regulation 851 (Industrial Establishments Regulation)
Section 25

Occupational Health and Safety Act
Section 25(1)(c)

Crown Counsel:s
Catherine Glaister
Jose Alvarez

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