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Workplace fatalities

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Posted by SafetyON | March 26, 2016

Workplace fatalities have a tremendous impact on families, workplaces and communities. The following postings are intended to raise public and personal awareness of workplace hazards, fatal incidents and occupational health and safety resources to assist with vigilance about workplace safety, and preventing workplace injuries and fatalities.

This page contains postings of de-identified fatalities which occurred in regulated workplaces. Please note that at the time that this information is published on this page, the Ministry has not made any final determinations with respect to the fatality. The postings are developed with the intention of safeguarding the privacy of individuals involved and the integrity of MOL investigation and any possible legal proceedings.

Please note that these postings are not intended to provide a comprehensive record of all workplace fatalities in Ontario or an up-to-date record of the details of the fatalities. This information does not constitute a comprehensive record, and is included to provide general resources for prevention value.

Everyone deserves to come home safely at the end of the workday.

ClubLink Fined $50,000 After Worker Injured

by Ministry of Labour (Ontario News) on 8th , August 2017

Meat Company in Brampton Fined $55,000 After Worker Suffers Injury

by Ministry of Labour (Ontario News) on 3rd , August 2017

Protecting Mining Workers on the Job

by Ministry of Labour (Ontario News) on 22nd , July 2017

Metro Grocery Chain Fined $80,000 After Worker Injured by Meat Grinder

by Ministry of Labour (Ontario News) on 20th , July 2017

Vaughan Paving Fined $125,000 After Worker Fatally Injured by Equipment

by Ministry of Labour (Ontario News) on 13th , July 2017